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Our Climbing Tower is a unique activity perfect for those who love the thrill and excitement of climbing vertically high into the sky. Once you reach the top of the 50-foot tower you'll enjoy 360-degree views of the surrounding area. Challenge your climbing skills and then test your sense of adventure while exploring our giant Spider's Web at the top of the tower. Varying degrees of difficulty tests both the beginner and the seasoned climber.


Highlights of the Climbing Tower include:

- Challenging your strength to reach to the top of a 50-foot tower
- Crawling around the interconnected web of ropes once you reach the top
- Enjoying the panoramic views of the beautiful woodsy Catawba Meadows from up above
- You can choose from either 1 hour of unlimited climbs or 3 climbs up and down Morganton's finest Climbing Tower.


Our course is spectator friendly and very suitable for pictures taken from the ground. The tower is great for families with children. Come spend a day with us!

$19 per person

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